Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun Description

Gulab jamun is an inseparable part of the festival, It s a popular Indian sweet made of milk solids & sugar, originating in Medieval Iran, & a type of mithai popular in India, Nepal, Odisha, Bangladesh as well as Myanmar. In India festival season started, Today is Janmashtami so we make for Prashad Mewa paag, Dhania burfi, Shrikhand, Charnamrit,peda but today I am giving a recipe of Gulab jamun. There are a variety of recipes of Gulab Jamun made from semolina/suji, Instant mawa but here I will be providing the authentic recipe of it. It is very famous & is enjoyed in most festive and celebration meals.


For Sugar Syrup:

  • 250gm Granual Sugar
  • 1,1/2cups water

For Gulab Jamun:

  • 1cup or 200gm Mawa(khoya)soft
  • 3/4 or 100 gm paneer
  • 2-3 tbs All-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Green cardamom powder
  • 2 tbs fresh milk
  • 4-5 Saffron strings
  • 1-2tbs Rose water


  • First, take a heavy bottom pan then put on medium flame add water& sugar in the pan. When sugar dissolves properly then turn off the flame.
  • Sugar syrup should not be too thick, crystalized or watery . sugar syrup should be of half string consistency.
  • Then add rose water,cardamom powder, saffron4-5strings.
  • Sugar syrup should be warm when we are adding after frying of Gulab jamun.NOT COLD
  • For Gulab jamun take a one big plate or bowl add mawa or khoya,start mashing slowly so that it is kneaded very well. There should no lumps or granules of mawa or khoya.
  • Then add paneer & all purpose flour,baking powder to the mashed khoya.
  • Mash all the things very well with mashed khoya ,there should not be any lumps, So mix it very well.
  • Add little milk and gather them together like a soft dough, f you feel dough is hard or cracks are visible then add milk(as per need).
  • Cover the dough with muslin cloth and set aside for thirty minutes.
  • After thirty minutes make small balls from the dough without cracks. Cover the all balls and set aside.
  • Take a heavy bottom pan or wok, add ghee or oil on medium flame.
  • Oil or ghee should not be too much high temperature check the correct temperature add a small tiny ball of dough in the oil it should rise slowly up without changing the color much ,that is the right temperature for Gulab Jamun.
  • Add the balls gently and fry them on a medium flame .After 2-3 minutes of frying reduce the flame& fry them until golden .
  • Keep stirring gently,when they turn golden take them off the wok with the help of skimmer or strainer.
  • Add them directly to the hot sugar syrup,it should not be cold or not boiling hot.
  • Leave for 3-4 hour.
  • Garnish with chopped pistachios & almonds .
  • Serve cold or hot as per your prefernce.

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