Dhania burfi

In KRISHNA Janmashtami Dhania burfi and Mewa pag goes as a bhog to Ladoo Gopal (Krishan Bhagwan). Some people Dhania burfi make it with sugar but my mother makes it with jaggery, Mewa pag make it with sugar.

Dhania burfi Ingredients:

1cup dry coriander powder

1cup desiccated coconut

1cuplotus seed (thin sliced roasted)


2-3 Tbsp. pure ghee

4-5green cardamom


First roast coriander powder, heat a pan add 2tbsp ghee in a pan after hot ghee add dhania powder, keep stir it till the time its change its colour, smell nicely. Roast Dhania will be ready2-3 minutes. Takeout coriander powder in a bowl.

Now roast desiccated coconut powder only one minute, then take  it out in a bowl.

For a burfi add jaggery (for sugar use water but for jagerry we just sprinkle of water) switch on of gas jagerry will be start melting stir regularly5-7 minutes, as we want little thick constancy check we will take drop of the syrup in small bowl if it is ready we mix coriander powder, desiccated coconut powder, roasted makhana a (lotus seed), cardamom powder, cook it on low flame. Mix well. Turn off gas.

Take a plate, grease with ghee properly. Put that mixture in a plate, spread properly, garnish with makhana and coconut powder.

After5-6 minutes burfi can cut into pieces.

Dhania burfi is ready.







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