Mewa paag or Dry Fruits paag

Mewa Paag or Dry Fruit Paag is the recipe popularly made during Krishna Janmashtami festival  Please find the recipe below for it:


2 cups sugar

¾   pure ghee

¼ Edible gum

1 cup Grated dry coconut

1/2 cup Roasted and Coarsely crushed Lotus seed

3/4th  cup Watermelon seed

½ almond (thin sliced)

1tbsp White pepper(powder) cardamom(powder)


First, take a heavy-based pan, add ghee to it and heat it over medium heat then fry gum. Keep the flame low stir regularly and roast it. As a result, gum is puffed up, take it out and furthermore powder it with the grinder.

Add it ghee more and heat it when the ghee is medium hot put lotus seed stir until light golden brown. Take out on a plate.

Take muskmelon seeds and put fry over medium heat. The seeds start cracking and puff up. And remove them, add desiccated coconut and almond, roast it.

To make sugar syrup, take a heavy bottom pan add 2cups of sugar & 3/4cup water. Turn on the flame, to cook sugar syrup until sugar is completely dissolved in water, stir regularly. to make sure sugar syrup is ready to use take the small bowl with ice cool water put little sugar syrup and check if it makes thread sugar syrup as a result then it is ready to be used. Mix all dry fruits very well slowly. Turn off the flame.

Take a big tray greased with ghee, put the paag in a tray with the spoon. Spread it evenly. Put the mark on paag with knife or cutter. Let it cool, after 5-6 minute take it out slightly from the edges test if  it turned solid.

When it cools down, therefore, store it in an airtight box.




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