Rajgira Puri with aloo sabji and coriander(cilantro)&mint raita

Rajgira is a gluten-free food, its call Amarnath also.  In Amarnath have high protein, calcium, vitamin etc


Rajgira Puri:

2cups rajgira flour

1-2medium size boil potatoes(mashed)

1-2chopped green chili

1/2tbsp cumin seed

rock salt to taste

oil for frying

water as required

Mashed potatoes sabzi:

3-4 large boiled potatoes(mashed)

1-2red tomatoes (paste)

1tbsp pure ghee

1tbsp cumin seed

1/4tbsp Kashmiri Lal Mirch

salt to taste

1-2tbspchopped coriander

Coriander(cilantro)&Mint Raita or Chass:

500gm yogurt full fat)

1/2 cup water

8-10string cilantro

8-10 mint leaves

rock salt to taste

roast cumin seed



In a bowl add rajgira flour, mashed potatoes, chopped green chili, cumin seed, mix it and make it the soft dough.cover with a wet cloth and rest for some time.

Take a little dough make ita ball androllit1/4 inch thickness, or the other method takes aplastic sheet place the dough in the center and cover with another greased plastic and spread it.

In a deep frying pan on medium-high, heat oil and fry the rajgira puris.


Heat ghee in a pan add cumin seeds after put tomatoes paste, green chili Kashmiri red chili saute 1-2 minutes then put mashed potato, rock salt and mix well,add1cup water, boil it2-3 minutes.

Sabji is ready, Garnish with coriander leaves.


Take a mixer jar put mint &cilentro and little curd churn it well again after that put the whole curd,1/2 cup water churn it again.

Pour into a bowl, add roasted cumin powder, and rock salt mixes it well.

Keep refrigerated and serve chilled with puri & sabji.


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