Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma- is EID SPECIAL recipe. It is one of the most famous deserts on Eid ul-FITR IN U.A.E, India PAKISTAN, Bangladesh, SHEER, IS Persian for milk and Khurma is Persian for dates. This dish is made from dried dates. This recipe full of nutty and sweet Sheer Khurma is perfect glory Eid morning.
2ltr full cream milk
3/4cup roasted sevaiyan
75gm Almond (thin sliced)
75gm pistachios (thin sliced)
50gm Chironji
50gm raisins
50gmcashew (thin sliced)
2cardamom ground
9-10 dried date
10-12 strands saffron (soaked with hot milk)
3-4tbs ghee
Sugar to taste
Take hot water and soaked dried dates for one hour, after you cut into thin slices.
Take a pan and add milk and boil it, other side heat 1tbs ghee in another pan, add all sliced dried fruit and sauté it, then start little golden in color transfer into a plate.
Again, in the same pan, you add 1tbs ghee and roast thin sliced dates.
After 20-25 minutes, boiled milk you put roasted sevaiyan, half roasted nuts, sugar cardamom powder, soaked saffron and boil it five minutes more and switch off the flame.
Now garnish with roasted nuts and serve it.

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