Easy Soft Tasty Bread Rolls or Laadi Pav

A bread roll is a small, often round loaf of bread served as a meal accompaniment(eaten plain or with butter). This bread roll can be eaten whole or cut into the middle and fill with jam, butter, Nutella placed between two halves in morning breakfast. Rolls are common in Europe especially, Austria, Germany etc In India, we say Ladi pav. Ladi pav or dinner rolls are basically light and fluffy bread that goes well with Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Misal Pav etc. It’s very easy to make at home.

Makes 8 rolls


  • 3 cups All-purpose flour
  • 2tbsp sugar
  • 1tsp active dry yeast(good quality)
  • salt as per taste
  • 1/2 cup milk(slightly warm)
  • 75-100g softened  butter
  • 1egg(room temperature)
  • 2 tsp dried Parsley


Take a deep bowl, add warm milk two tablespoon sugar and 1tsp yeast mix it well. keep it aside for 10 minutes for the yeast activated.

Take A large big bowl to add all-purpose flour, salt egg,  butter, dried Parsley and active yeast, stir to combine with a wooden spoon until the dough is soft, a bit sticky but pulls or collect the dough the side of the bowl.

Transfer to a greased bowl and cover with a muslin cloth or with plastic wrap. Let it rise at room temperature for 1-2 hour or until  double in size

Sprinkle flour on the working surface, place the dough and cut into8 pieces form into rolls and place on a greased baking tray. Again cover it and let rise for 30-35 minutes at room temperature.

Preheat oven at 190°C, bake the rolls for 20 minutes or until lightly brown.

Remove rolls from oven, loosen the edges with the help of a sharp knife and brush with melted butter and cool completely



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