Aloo(POTATO) ka Halwa

Aloo ka halwa is generally prepared in north India especially for various religious fasts as Shiva Ratri, Navratri,  Janmashtami etc. Aloo ka halwa is a sweet dish, it is very tasty and delicious. Making potato halwa is very easy as it is prepared quickly.It is a dessert.


4-5 boiled potatoes

3-4tbsp Ghee

1/2cup sugar

8-10 cashews

8-10 almond

1tbsp thin sliced pistachios

1/2tbsp green cardamom powder


First, peel the boiled potatoes and mashed them with the masher.Chop the dry fruits and roast with little ghee.

Heat 3-4tbspof ghee in a heavy based pan, add mash potatoes to it.Stir and roast on medium flame until the potatoes have started to leave the ghee aside, stir regularly otherwise it can stick to the pan.Then add sugar, some chopped dry fruits,  cardamom powder stir to mix every thing until the halwa turns thick in consistency, transfer it to a serving bowl.

Garnish with some pistachios and cashews and serve with steaming hot.


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