Instant Sweet &Sour Without Oil Lemon Pickle

As I mention in my lemonade recipe to store lemon peels. Now we will use those lemon peels in this recipe to make quick and instant sweet and sour without oil lemon pickle. It is very yummy and tasty pickle. This lemon pickle goes well with stuffed parathas morning breakfast and for children lunch box.


  • 800 gm.thin slice of lemon peels
  • 50gm. black salt
  • 75gm.rock salt
  • 1-2tsp Kashmiri Lal mirch
  • 1tsp black pepper(coarsely ground)
  • 1-2 tsp. carom seeds(roasted and grind)
  • 500- 700gm. sugar(as per taste)
  • Clean and sterilized glass jar


First, take a big glass bowl cut all lemon peel into small pieces, steam them for 5-7 minutes.Open instantly your cooker take out the bowl of lemon.

Put a nonstick pan on medium flame, add steamed lemon, sugar, and salt, stir slowly until sugar is melted completely then turn off the flame.

Add carom seeds, black pepper, and Kashmiri Lal mirch, mix well.

Leave it to cool down for 5-6 hour, Instant sweet and sour lemon pickle is ready to eat, store in a sterilized glass jar and leave aside for one day, next day instant sweet and sour without oil lemon pickle is ready for serve.

Tip: It can be stored up to six months.





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